After the fabulous sports day finals in the morning the girls travelled down to Hazelwood for their rounders match. Copthorne batted first and straight away Georgina scored a rounder, followed up by Karina with ½ a rounder. The rest of the line up managed to hit the ball but could not make it past 1st post. It was again Georgina and Karina that kept the scoreboard ticking over in the 1st innings.  Our turn to field and the girl’s got off to a superb start with Harriet P taking a fantastic low down catch. Vicky was on target with her bowling not giving much away and also taking a catch. The home side kept chipping away at the score set and with a couple of over throws from Copthorne they managed to equal the scores with still a couple of balls left. Even with Harriet taking her second catch of the innings, Hazelwood had one really good batter on the day that took her team 2 rounders into the lead at the end of their innings. Copthorne’s second innings followed in the same way as the first, this time it was Prisha and Elly scoring the runs. Hazelwood came into bat only needing 4 rounders to win. Harriet P was attracting the ball and took a third catch but this did not steam the flow of rounders coming off the home side’s bats and they raced to victory comfortably.  HP

Team: Georgina (1½); Karina (2½); Harriet P. (3 catches); Elly (1½); Prisha (2); Harriet K.; Vicky; Kilti; Willow and Abbey.