The U10 girls added another victory to their solid rounders season. St Aubyns, who only have 7 girls in their year group, and with the help from Lucy and Emma kept Copthorne on their toes. The opposition batted first and didn’t trouble our fielders or the scoreboard too much. Copthorne got a bit relaxed in the field and didn’t apply much pressure to get anyone out.  Freya managed to hold onto a catch and at the end of their innings, St Aubyns posted a score of 5 rounders. Chloe got Copthorne off to a good chase scoring a rounder off the first ball. Freya was soon in on the act and scored one of her own. The rounders soon started to dry out and the girls started to make a few wrong decisions when running between posts, but they managed to steady themselves to go 2½ rounders at half time.

In the second innings the girls were back on form. Freya and Michaela both taking a catch. The fielding was a lot quicker and sharper resulting in getting all of the opposition out. With most of the pressure off us, the girls began to open their arms and scored more freely, sometimes trying too hard and missing the ball completely. There were a few mix ups between the posts and hopefully the girls have learnt from their mistakes. No major damage was done and Copthorne won comfortably in the end.

Like all the girls matches so far, this one was also fun and entertaining. All the girls played well and showed a great spirit. Thank you again to Lucy and Emma for helping out the opposition and to our lovely parents and families for their support.  HP 


Emma; Lucy; Prisha (2 ½); Freya (2 ½); Chloe (1 ½); Willow; Amanda (4); Victoria (1); Georgina (1); Michaela (1 ½)