U11B Rounders v Cumnor – Won 21½- 11

Copthorne lost the toss and were first to bat. It was soon clear that our girls were on form with most of the team scoring in the first innings. Copthorne were quick to take advantage of some fielding mistakes by the opposition and pushed hard to score. By the end of the first innings we had scored 13½ rounders with only four players out.

Our fielding was strong with Katherine and Lila working hard to prevent Cumnor from scoring. Our bowling was consistent too and Emma held her cool, getting very few no bowls. Copthorne fielded several shots well and as a result they got 6 players out, enabling Cumnor to only get 6½ rounders.

Copthorne maintained their focus and drive in the second innings, managing to get a further 8½ rounders. Our fielding stayed consistently strong and Cumnor were only able to score 4½ rounders.  Both Isabella and Emma made two fantastic catches.

Overall this was an impressive first performance from a team where most of it’s players were U10.

Well done ladies! Top batters – Sheen & Emily G.  LD


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