Senior Netball House Matches

On Wednesday we played our house matches, and what a great occasion it was.  The rules were that each house had to have at least 1 player from each year group (5, 6, 7, 8).  It was lovely to see Year 5 girls playing alongside Year 8 girls and the encouragement and support the older girls gave to their younger team mates. Well done, I am very proud of you all!  Whilst the girls got hotter, the umpires got colder, so my thanks to Mrs Dodson, Mrs Conniff and Miss Aspell for their help.  Sale won the tournament on goal difference, with Workman 2nd, Newton 3rd and Rendall 4th.

The best game of the afternoon for me was the match between Newton & Rendall.  Some really gritty play from Isy Youds, Melissa Davy-Ericson, Meghana Mandala, Harriet Brown, Antonia Hart, Charlotte Baker, and Ilana Homan alongside Elise & Lister.  A fabulous win for Newton and great to see some younger players with so much potential! Well done everyone    the best house matches I have seen by far.  MJ


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