26th June 2016

After a few years coming second best the Copthorne staff cricket team put on a tremendous show on Tuesday evening, beating rivals Cottesmore with an excellent performance. Traditionally Cottesmore bat first and this was no different. With head boy Zac taking the eleventh spot late in the day it was up to him to show his coaches how it is done and open the bowling. He didn’t disappoint, taking 2 early wickets to get the ball rolling. He was supported by Mr Coulson who tied up the other end giving little away and can feel a bit hard done by that chances were given up in the field.  Mr VDM and Mr McGuigan started off shakily but soon the cobwebs were lifted, both took wickets. Mr Jenkins took his first wicket in a while as he bowled nicely from the pavilion end as did Mr Serjeant who was playing in his first cricket game in a long time (although you probably wouldn’t have known it!) The innings were finished off with a couple of late wickets, a catch from Mr Clark’s bowling and a run out off of the last ball. In truth all who bowled did well and Mr Pinnock behind the stumps seemed relieved that he wasn’t having to dive all over the place to stop wide balls. Cottesmore ended up with a reachable score of 87. Once again tradition states that both the gap year students open the batting for Copthorne. This, to be fair, has yielded differing results. This year, up stepped Mr VDM. After a couple of balls to get his eye in, a ball was launched into the next door neighbours garden for a huge six. As if this wasn’t good enough this was repeated another 3 times leaving Mr Coulson scrambling to find another ball so that the game could carry on. With the rules stating that once a batsmen reaches 25 he must retire, Mr VDM reached this target in just 7 balls. As he walked off you could hear the relief from the Cottesmore players, the relief of the school’s neighbours as their windows were now safe and from Mr Coulson who could sleep easy knowing that his cricket budget for next year was not going to be spent on a brand new set of cricket balls. Mr McGuigan didn’t last long and he was followed by Mr Serjeant who played some nice shots and ran well between the wickets surprising many with his pace! Once Mr Serjeant was caught Mr Smith walked in and would remain there for the rest of the innings, playing some excellent shots and cementing his place as not only a great cricket coach but a decent player himself. Zac followed him in and played some excellent shots before being caught off a dodgy no ball. It was left up to Mr Ansboro and Mr Smith to finish off the run chase and after seeing what Mr VDM could do with his bat, Mr Ansboro decided that his bat could do with actually hitting the ball this year and he scored the winning runs hitting a big four towards the tennis courts. Well done to the whole team, an excellent performance. Until next year …CC