Sussex County Championships 2015 – K2 Crawley

For those of you who are not aware the Sussex Championships are held at K2 each year for pupils in Years 6, 7 and 8 and are used not only to earn a county placing but also to determine who gets to represent the county at the National Finals.  In order to qualify for the National Finals the competitors must win the event to gain automatic qualification or come 2nd and meet the required standard.
This year we entered 23 pupils who could all meet the required standard so were confident of some success whether it was personal bests (PB), new school records, medal placings or qualification to the National Finals.

Our results…

Year 6 (Under 12) Boys:

Triple Jump – Nemo B – 7.67m – Final 8th Place (New PB)* Shot Put – Zac C – 9.21m – Final 1st Place (Gold, New School Record, New PB and Qualification for National Finals) 800m – Bradley Smith – 2.56.47 – Final 9th Place 300m – Beau Heaver – 48.77 – Final 2nd Place (Silver, New School Record, New PB)* 200m – Nemo Brodie – 32.60 – Heats 7th Place 100m – Beau Heaver – 13.75 – Final 6th Place 4x100m Relay – Harry, Zac, Nemo, Beau – 1.02.13 – Heats 6th Place (New PB)

Year 6 (Under 12) Girls:

Long Jump – Neve G – 3.30m – Heats 16th Place Shot Put – Ella D – 7.62m – Final 1st Place (Gold, New School Record, New PB and Qualification for National Finals) 800m – Ella C – 2.50.62 – Final 2nd Place (Silver, New PB and Qualification for National Finals) 300m – Rosie H – 55.37 – Final 6th Place (New PB)* 200m – Ella C – 31.06 – Final 4th Place (New PB) 100m – Rosie H – 14.94 – Heats 5th Place (New PB) 4x100m Relay – Ilana, Ella, Neve, Rosie – 1.04.68 – Heats 4th Place (New PB)

Year 7 (Under 13) Boys:

Discus – Zac R – 26.31m – Final 1st Place (Gold, New School Record New PB and Qualification for National Finals) 1500m – Daniel W – 5.15.45 – Final 4th Place (New PB) 300m – Daniel W – 47.42 – Final 4th Place (New School Record and New PB)* 200m – Daniel P – 28.92 – Final 4th Place 70m Hurdles – Daniel P – 11.50 – Final 2nd Place (Silver, New PB and Qualification for National Finals)

Year 7 (Under 13) Girls:

Long Jump – Catherine P – 3.99m – Final 6th Place (New PB) Triple Jump – Elise F – 8.25m – Final 4th Place (New PB)* Shot Put – Amber B – 7.75m – Final 4th Place 800m – Hermione A – 2.46.00 – Final 5th Place (New PB) 70m Hurdles – Elise F – 13.03 – Final 4th Place (New PB)

Year 8 (Under 14) Boys:

High Jump – Robert R – 1.35m – Final 6th Place (New PB) Discus – Yonis A – 19.55m – Heats 11th Place (New PB) 800m – Dylan H – 2.30.19 – Final 4th Place (New PB) 75m Hurdles – Robbie E – 14.94 – Final 6th Place 4x100m Relay – Yonis, Robbie, Dylan, Daniel – 57.90 – Heats 5th Place (New PB)

Year 8 (Under 14) Girls:

Triple Jump – Harriet P – 8.18m – Final 8th Place Shot Put – Hannah D – 8.30m – Final 5th Place (New PB) 200m – Harriet P – 30.42 – Final 7th Place (New PB) 4x100m Relay – Catherine, Elise, Hannah, Harriet – 59.01 – Heats 3rd Place (New PB)

*event is not eligible for National Finals

Well done to all 23 pupils who competed, the whole day was a success and it was topped off with 25 Personal Bests, 5 New School Records, 3 Silver and 3 Gold medal placings plus 5 pupils earning the right to represent Copthorne and Sussex at the National Finals in Birmingham on Wednesday 24th June 2015.

This competition brings together the best of the best of athletes in Sussex and being selected for the squad alone is a huge achievement. Athletics is all about breaking your own personal best and if that result is good enough to win then that is an added bonus.  I am extremely proud of all 23 pupils and hope that they were either inspired to carry on with athletics or have a new interest in the sport.

National Finalists:
Zac Collins, Ella Devine, Ella Cavedaschi, Daniel Persad and Zac Riley.


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