Students with headteacher

Swimming Team Compete for Nunnerley Shield – Summer 2017

13th June 2017

Swimmers from Year 3 to Year 7 travelled to Ardingly for the annual Nunnerley Shield Gala against Ardingly, Handcross and Great Walstead. The gala was first held at Stoke Brunswick before moving to Ardingly when Stoke Brunswick closed. Historically we have performed well at this gala and have our name on the shield many times.

This year, things didn’t start too well with a late withdrawal by one of our senior swimmers and another who failed to turn up. This put us on the back foot and without time to find replacements, meant we would score no points in two of the individual events. However, the rest of the team rallied and put in some exceptional performances both in the individual events where we came 1st in 7 races, 2nd in 3 races, 3rd in 4 races and 4th in 2 and then in the relays where we were 1st in 5 races, 2nd in 3 races and 3rd in 3 races.

Points were very close at the end of the gala with Handcross 4th with 60 points, Great Walstead 3rd with 84 points. We came 2nd with 126 points and Ardingly were 1st with …….. Unfortunately the roar from the home supporters meant that I didn’t hear the final score. In some ways this was good as would have been disappointed if it were close enough that the two swimmers who let the team down were what eventually cost us first place.

Well done to everyone who took part in this gala, you did the school proud. Also very well done to all those who have attended training each week. It is making the difference and I look forward to some more success next academic year.

The school Swimming Championships take place on Tuesday 27th June at 6pm. Registration this year is online by completing the Registration Form which can be found here.