Students with headteacher

Tennis v Great Walstead and Cumnor House – Summer 2017

14th May 2017

It was a very busy week for out tennis teams. Monday saw all four courts in action as both the boys and the girls took on Great Walstead. There were plenty of rallies with many games going to deuce. However the visiting side had that bit more desire and focus to finish off the last crucial point to win the game.
On Tuesday the girls travelled to Cumnor. This time Jemima C and Rosie joined Khushi, Sheen, Katie and Josie. The girls had a fabulous time and got on well with the opposition, acknowledging good shots and winners. With each game the girls played they improved a lot, serves were getting harder and deeper into the service blocks and they were also confident to intercept with
vollies. We just now need to learn not to keep giving the ball straight back to the opposition and close off the point sooner. The next match is not until June, so keep practising.