Students with headteacher

U10 ‘A’ Hockey v Handcross Park

9th November 2016

Copthorne were quick on the attack with our forwards Keira, Robin, Gabi and Annabelle maintaining possession of the ball. Our defenders Ava and Kirsten displayed some great positional play and delivered some great tackles preventing any of the opposition from coming into the D. We had several shots on goal and finally converted our first goal; which was a fabulous deflection off Robin’s stick. The next goal was a lovely shot from Keira. Copthorne continued to drive forwards and soon our third goal was again scored by Robin.

The second half was just as strong, however despite some very close shots we were unable to score. Handcross held their own and kept a strong defence. However our girls, led by Gabi their captain played some good passes. Our final goal was a fabulous example of this. Ava made a fantastic pass from the 16, Gabi received it and passed to Annabelle, Robin received the ball and crossed it to Keira who then plunged it into the goal a real team effort. Well done girls.