After last week’s very close defeat to Caterham the boys were very keen to get back to winning ways against Ashdown House. Have spent the past 2 training sessions working on set pieces that included Bacon, Sausages, Toast it was a time to try some new things.

It became clear from the first play of the game that this was going to be a very different contest from last week as the boys ran in 3 tries in the first few minutes. The first half finished with us 7 tries up and the second half followed a similar pattern as the game finished 12-1.

We managed to employ a rolling sub policy so every child got the opportunity to play different positions and try new things. Thanks to the parents that came I hope you could see what we were trying to achieve today.

Tries: Luke 4, Nick 3, Wesley 2, Chris 1, Archie 1, Sam P 1
Team: Sam P, Sam R, Luke, Nick, Chris, Archie, Wesley, Matthew, Shams, James, William,