U10 Netball v Ardingly – Won 14-5

With the first centre pass Copthorne was soon underway and held possession of the ball for most of the first quarter. Our passing and marking were strong however the wind prevented us from scoring to begin with.

Within 5 minutes into the game Prisha scored swiftly followed by Chloe. Ardingly had fewer shots at goal due to great defending from Micki and Emma however they managed to score by whistle time.

In the second quarter our marking and interceptions, especially from our captain Freya, allowed us to have possession of the ball for most of the time and by half time the score was 5-1.

It was in the third quarter that our girls truly showed what they are capable of  as a team . There was some great passing between Freya , Rebecca and Chloe with Micki, Harriet and Emma working hard in defence. Both Prisha and Chloe worked well within the D scoring a further 7 goals between them.

By the final quarter it was clear that Copthorne were a stronger team so they agreed to change positions. Although this did allow Ardingly to score a further three goals to our two more, it was great to see our girls display such good sportsmanship.

Well done girls!  LD

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