U10 Netball v Great Walstead – Won 16-4

Although they didn’t have first centre pass, Copthorne quickly gained possession of the ball and thundered ahead scoring 7 goals in the first quarter with Maya and Antonia scoring with tremendous accuracy. It was clear that our girls were faster and better skilled in their passing and defending. In the second quarter our girls were moved into different positions with the hope that the match would be more even. However as Copthorne are quite versatile this only allowed the opposition to score two goals whereas we continued to score. Despite our changes Copthorne continued to race ahead and had we not moved positions the end score would have been much higher. Despite the disparity in skill i believe this was a great match not only because of the score but also because it allowed our girls to play in different positions in a real match situation. We had girls who don’t usually shoot, scoring. Fantastic goals from Nia and our captain, Ella. There were some great interceptions from Abigail and Hannah who also had a go at shooting. Charlotte was obviously too strong as centre which gave Amber the opportunity to play this position.  She proved that she too is a great little centre. Most importantly this match gave Sarena an opportunity to show that she has really developed into a good little player . Well done girls!  LD

Next match St. Christopher’s Wednesday 11th March.

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