U10 Netball v Great Walstead – Won 8-3

Despite losing the first centre pass, Copthorne soon took possession of the ball with some great interceptions from Freya, Harriet and Tori. However probably due to the cold and a week’s half-term Copthorne struggled to use it to their advantage to score as much as they usually do. By the end of the first quarter both teams were equal with one goal.

In both the second and third quarters Copthorne were using the space better and their marking put pressure onto the opposition preventing them from scoring. There were some great attempts at shooting from just inside the ‘D’ from Chloe and Prisha and both girls scored a further three goals. Great Walstead found it difficult to score as both Miki and Emma worked hard to intercept and disrupt their game. As a result there were many sideline and backline passes for Great Walstead who struggled to penetrate Copthorne’s defence in the D.

In the final quarter the opposition worked hard to break through and as a result managed to score two more goals within minutes.

However Copthorne were determined to win especially Chloe and Prisha who were determined to score two goals each. Freya, Miki ,Tori and Georgina worked hard feeding the ball into shooters and as a result Copthorne scored a further 4.

Although it took a while for all the girls to get into the game, both teams worked hard and displayed some good netball.

Well done Freya, Prisha, Harriet, Eloise, Emma, Miki , Chloe, Georgina and Tori.  LD

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