Students with headteacher

U10 Rounders v Ardingly 

29th April 2016

Won 31-8 

Copthorne won the toss and began the first innings fielding. Ardingly worked hard to score and several half rounders were scored. Our fielding was tight and accurate thus preventing the batters from scoring full rounders. There were some occasions when Copthorne mis-fielded the ball and allowed the Ardingly to score, however, our girls soon learnt from their errors and they succeeded in getting six players out.

Copthorne’s batting was very strong with many of our players scoring within the first 10 good balls. Beth, Ruby and Macie scored 3 good rounders, with some great shots. By the second innings the score was 11½-3½. Copthorne’s fielding continued to be strong and by the time we went into bat, we were still ahead by 3½ rounders. Our second round of batting was fantastic. All the girls scored and they really tried to read the game.

Well done girls; a fabulous match. LD

Player of the match – Beth Long

Top batter – Beth Long

Mrs Dodson’s Player of the match – Macie