U10A Netball v Cumnor – Lost 6-13

Although we lost the first centre pass Copthorne started the match with determination and soon followed Cumnor’s first goal with a goal of our own. Although our passing was not as strong as in previous weeks we worked hard to maintain an even footing with the opposition.

Unfortunately it was well into the second quarter when the score was at 5-5 that our WA Tori took a nasty fall and injured herself. She was clearly in much pain and as a result was unable to continue. Cumnor kindly offered one of their own players as a substitute as we were now one player short. Unfortunately the girls lost their momentum and our passing and marking fell to the wayside at times allowing for the final score.

It was a disappointing game in many ways however two players stood out in their relentless fight for the ball; Freya and Micki, our players of the match.  LD

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