U10A Rounders v Ardingly won –15-8½

The girls started out fielding, and for their first match this term, we fielded very well. We only let Ardingly score 2 in their first innings . Our fielding was tight and we made the right decisions who to throw the ball to most of the time!

We went into bat and were a bit slow to get going with our hitting today, or our hits were going straight up in the air every time and getting caught. Ami and Madeleine got rounders in the first innings from some great hits to into space. Even with a torn muscle Ami gave it her all when she was running.

Our turn to field again this time Ardingly girls were a bit more lucky with their hits, and made it to 2nd post most times. Ami, Yelena and Alice all caught an Ardingly girl out in this innings. Hermione had a great game on 3rd post, stumping a few or throwing the ball to Ami to stump girls out. Amber, Holly and Emily had an excellent game as deep fielding with Amber and Emily both throwing lovely big throws into either 4th post or to Yelena as bowler. Holly made some lovely stops and threw accurately to Ami. They ended that innings on 6½.

We went into bat and woke up in this innings, with every girl in the Copthorne team, either scoring a whole rounder or at least getting to 2nd post. Elise, Yelena, Madeleine and Amber all getting a rounder or more, Our batting was good today with girls finding the space to hit into, and not risking it with their running.

Solid performance for the first game of the season. Things to work on, but a great start! Well done girls!

Player of the match: Madeleine Liu with a total of 5 rounders! LJ


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