Students with headteacher

U10B Indoor Hockey v HXP 

13th November 2017

What a super effort from the U10Bs today! 

Thanks to Mrs Hamps who umpired, I was able to just watch the girls play, coach and giving them direction. Despite losing the first push back, Copthorne turned over the play and they dominated most of the first half. The defenders consisting of Victoria, Mona and Njeri all worked hard to stop the ball entering the D and Tayla stood her ground kicking out anything that came her way! The attackers consisting of Ffion, Lowenna, Katie, Marissa and Amelie all had a good first half; however crowding around the centre field, meant there was lots of good play at times and passing into the D, but there just wasn’t anyone in there to convert! Copthorne had most of the play in this half and were unlucky not to score as they definitely deserved to be up. 

After a chat at half time about crowding , the girls responded to the advice given and started to think about their spacing a little bit more and playing the ball forward. They were soon rewarded with a goal from Lowenna, set up by Ffion and Katie. Copthorne then continued to apply the pressure to Handcross although they did fight back, creating more opportunities to score in the D. However Tayla was fearless today in goal, coming forward out of her goal, blocking the players and kicking the ball out before they had the opportunity to go for goal! Both the defenders and attackers continued to fight hard throughout the match and a few minutes before the end Copthorne were rewarded with another goal from Ffion, again assisted by Katie and Lowenna, securing the win for Copthorne, 2-0. 

Well done to all of the U10Bs, you all tried hard and never gave up! It was nice to see the improvement today with you all since the start of the term, you have all come a long way but there is always room for more improvement! POM today picked by Handcross was 

Tayla for her quick reactions and super goalkeeping, which was 100% deserved. My POM today would have also have been Tayla shared with Ffion. Let’s keep it up girls for the last couple of hockey matches!