Students with headteacher

U11 ‘B’ Netball v Cottesmore 3rds

19th November 2016

The U11 B’s had an incredibly tough match against a bunch of delightful Cottesmore Year 7&8 3rd team girls. With 3 Year 5’s in the team we were going to struggle especially with the Cottesmore team being so tall! However, we fought hard especially in the first quarter. Kirsten in the GK position, had a fabulous 10 minutes getting in front of her player, intercepting well and alert to any loose ball coming her way. Ably assisted by our Captain, Freya, they worked well together to prevent the Cottesmore shooters many opportunities to score. Emily supported well to get the ball down the court. Ella made some good runs and only just missed a few chances to score and Robin was busy all over the court with her partners being nearly twice the size of her! After the first quarter the score was 4-0. In the second quarter, Macie linked well with Tia and Tali who scored 3 goals between them.

The final score was 3-14 so it was completely one-sided with the favoured double handed over-head being the pass of the game from the Cottesmore girls.

Well done to the team, they fought hard to the end and although it was a mis-matched game the girls made some friends! Congratulations to Robin who was voted player of the match by the Cottesmore girls, but my player of the match goes to Kirsten!