Students with headteacher

U11 EGHA Hockey Tournament

16th November 2017

Last week Friday, on a very cold afternoon the u11 found themselves going from strength to strength at the EGHA hockey tournament held at Lingfield college. The girls group contained many unknown schools that we have yet encountered, which made them think and have to work hard every moment, as proved by the first two matches against Hazelwood and Croydon High ending in a draw. Other matches between the other schools fell in our favour as we only need at least a draw to continue to the cup quarter finals. The girls did one better, they played their best hockey, mostly on the attack and scored 2 against Brighton Prep and finished top of their group. The girls continued their good and exciting attacking form into their 1/4 match up with Marlborough House, taking their chances in the D and working very hard to retrieve the ball when on the defence to secure their lead. The semi-final was bar far our toughest challenge as Lingfield were just as determined. Both teams went from end to end in search of a goal but both defence held firm. At the end of play the score remained 0-0. The dreaded Penalty shuttles awaited us. Lingfield has the upper hand as they just experienced them the game before. Our girls where confident as some had previous experience. The girls kept calm and took on advice from the coaches. Keeping it simple and making sure we jumped on any rebounds before time was up we managed to sneak the win. If the semi-final was tough, the final, against Ardingly was intense. The girls found themselves mostly in their own half, soaking up a lot of pressure from constant attacks. The girls dug deep, frustrating the opposition with many crucial saves and clearances and relieved by the end whistle and another scoreless result but yet another penalty shuttle awaiting us to decide the winner. After the first round of 3 players the scores were still level, so we continued onto sudden death. Ardingly held their nerve the best as both the player scored and the keeper making the crucial last save. It was hard for the girls as they were so up for it and left everything on the field. They should be proud of themselves as they worked and supported each other really well throughout the afternoon. Great effort girls.

Team: Amelie, Amreet, Keira, Gabi, Biba, Annabelle, Robin, Zara and Charlotte.