U11 Netball v Fonthill Lodge – Lost 11-12

An incredible sense of team spirit, determination and fervor was felt in this fantastic match! The game was set to be a thriller from the first whistle, as both teams scored goal for goal in the first quarter. The through court movement was swift and fluid, defence; strong and shooters Antonia and Molly were scoring from all over the ‘D’. After the first 10 minutes we were one goal up at 6-5. Both sides fought furiously for possession throughout the second quarter, and amazingly only one was goal was conceded the entire quarter! This leveled the score to 6-6 at half time. In the last half, every single member of the team took their intensity to the next level. Confident intercepts and rebounds in the ‘D’ from Hannah and Abi meant many turnovers were gained. Both Ella, Charlotte and Sarena were vital in bringing the ball through court, with great spatial awareness and ferocity being shown. There were some great ‘bombs’ sent straight into the shooters, courtesy of Nia and great movement shown by our shooters. Unfortunately the ball did not favour us today, as although we had many attempts at goal, the ball kept rolling off the ring! However both teams struggled to find the net so the score continued to ‘see-saw’; we were one up at times, tied at others. The defensive aspect of the match was very exciting- intercepts and tips were taken by all the girls, all over the court! Some particularly impressive teamwork in defence was seen by our attackers, when Fonthill took the back line pass from our shooting end. The pressure applied on Fonthill by the girls meant we regained the ballĀ  quickly through interception and thus we had another attempt at goal. This really was an amazing match! The energy throughout the game really was indescribable and the girls really deserved to win! However the girls should be proud of how they played and as I said to them; they honestly played the best game of netball I have ever seen any Copthorne team play! Congratulations to all of you – Antonia, Molly, Ella, Nia, Charlotte, Abi, Hannah, Sarena!!!

Good luck Ella & Toni you will be greatly missed by all at Copthorne and especially the games staff!

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