Students with headteacher

U11 Rugby v Pennthorpe

12th January 2017

It is never a good idea to go 2 tries down within the opening 90 seconds of play, however this was the situation the Under 11’s found themselves in. Having won their opening 3 games of the season this was rather unfamiliar territory and the boys had to find a way to regroup and get themselves back in to the game quickly. Battling against the slope we found it difficult to make ground but knew that if we could stay within touching distance we could use it to our advantage in the second half. We pulled a try back after some positive running and solid ball retention but it was our tackling that let us down and Pennthorpe were allowed to score a further 2 tries to extend their lead to 4-1 going in to half time.

Now attacking down the slope we applied the pressure and finally looked like we were going to make something out of the game. We scored our second try of the game after some lovely passing to get the ball wide and should have had another moments later but a strong tackle forced a knock-on right on the try line! A couple of tight decisions went against us and what could have been 4-3 ended up being 6-2 when Pennthorpe capitalised on some narrow defending to score out wide. The game was much closer than the score line suggests but we were definitely second best on the day. A bad first half, a better second half.

This is the beauty of sport; defeats bring disappointment but it is from this disappointment that we accept where we need to improve and put it right next time out.

Try scorers: Luca and Antony