Students with headteacher

U11A Netball – Pelican Cup

16th March 2018


After last weeks disappointment for the girls after narrowly losing out on a place at the IAPs. The girls were determined to play this tournament in high spirits and come back fighting and this they did, which really showed their resilience and I commend them for this!

There were 10 schools taking part in the Pelican Cup which was played in a round robin format with all of the schools playing each other; in 10 minute matches; of two halves of 5 minutes; with 5 points for a win; 3 for a draw and one for a loss with other half the opponents score.

Copthorne’s first match were against Windlesham who had unfortunately pulled out so Copthorne took the points. Copthorne were then due to play Cottesmore who were late, so again there was no match.

After a long wait, almost an hour into the tournament starting, Copthorne were then able to play their first match (which should have been their third really!) against Great Walstead. Although they took a while to warm up, when they got going and had settled they were fine and they won this match 6-2.Copthorne then took on Brighton College next straight away and by now they were definitely warm and they won this match also.

After playing Brighton College, Copthorne were straight on again against St Christopher’s and this proved to be the toughest match and deciding match of the tournament today! In the first half Copthorne really lost their nerve and St Christopher’s used this to their advantage gaining turnovers and converting. Copthorne however picked their game up in the second half and dominated the play but the first half had allowed St Christopher’s to take the upper hand and they won this match 7-5.

Copthorne were then due to have a break but after missing their earlier match against Cottesmore they played this next. Copthorne completely dominated this match in both attack and defence and won the match 8-1. Due to this match being replayed and another match being moved due to Windlesham dropping out of the tournament Copthorne then played their remaining 4 matches one after, straight after this game, which required a lot of stamina and proved just how fit and strong this team are, as it was 50 minutes of netball in a row! After Cottesmore they took on St Andrews who they had played in the IAPS the week before and it was a tight game, but today they upped their game and dominated the play once again, wining the match 7-2. Copthorne then played Ashdown beating them 8-1 and then

Handcross who they beat 7-2. Copthorne’s final match was against BHHS who apart from St Christopher’s were the toughest competition in the tournament today.

Despite a closely fought match Copthorne won this match 7-6, which was deserved!