Students with headteacher

U11A Netball v Cumnor B&C 

5th February 2016

Won 7-2 Won 8-3

After a couple of positive training sessions and shooters putting in some additional practise at lunch times we were all set for the match today. The U11 team were to play 2 matches against the Cumnor B/C teams. Copthorne won the toss and took first centre pass and were soon in a position to shoot which Grace took advantage of. Both teams then settled into the match and it was soon clear that it was to be a close game. Lila and Jemima marked tightly in defence giving Cumnor very few opportunities to score. At the end of the first quarter the score was 1-1. After a quick team talk we were set for the 2nd quarter. Our centre passes were working well and we were running into spaces. Once the opposition had the ball we were also quick to defend with ‘hands over’ which slowed the game down, putting the opposition under pressure when passing. Emily and Abigail linked well with the defence to bring the ball up court and into shooters Emma and Shriya. At the end of the quarter we were in the lead 3-2. During the 3rd quarter the girls started to dominate the game; they were dodging forward for the ball, creating spaces, marking tightly and making every ball count. Jemima and Lila were both excellent in defence not giving the opposition the opportunity to shoot; intercepting the ball and successfully rebounding. The defenders linked well with centre court players Isabella, Abigail and Emily to get the ball up court and into shooters Emma and Grace. At the end of the 3rd quarter the score was 5-2. In the last quarter the girls continued to grow in confidence and once again the defence were superb, marking their players so well that they were unable to score. The match ended with goals from shooters Emma and Shriya making the final score

7-2 to Copthorne. Congratulations to Lila who was voted player of the match.

After a short break and a drink of water the girls were ready to play again against a new team. Cumnor won the toss and took the first centre pass. Copthorne were straight into their stride and took advantage of the slower start by the opposition and scored 2 goals within the first few minutes. Cumnor started to up their pace and responded by scoring their first goal. At times play was very fast and furious which led to both teams making mistakes. At half time Copthorne were in the lead 5-2. In the second half Copthorne regained their composure and I was very pleased to see that the girls were transferring skills that they had worked on during training sessions into their match play. Jemima and Lila continued to jump for every ball making some superb interceptions and rebounds in the D. Around centre court there was some excellent movement and passing especially from Emily and Abigail. Our shooters were up against an excellent goal defence who was very quick to get the rebounds. When the final whistle went it was a win for Copthorne

8-3. Congratulations to Emily who was voted player of the match. Well done girls! This was a fantastic performance today and I’m sure with hard work and determination you will continue to improve. JC