Well what an exciting match today to watch, umpire and be involved in for the U11s and hats off to them for all their efforts!

Copthorne started off with the first centre however Hurst took Copthorne by surprise with their tight marking and really applied the pressure and they turned this first centre. Hurst then scored a further 2 goals from their centre and another turn over, putting them ahead. They then maintained this lead and despite Copthorne fighting back, goal for goal in this quarter the early lead had given Hurst the upper hand and they took this quarter 7-4.

Despite going into the second quarter behind this did not deter the U11s, in fact it actually spurred them on and they fought back. Gabi had a superb quarter flying all over the court as centre and gaining valuable interceptions, and turn overs that were much needed and the defenders Amreet, Ava and Robin really stepped it up a gear, applying the pressure in the circle. Keira and Annabelle were more settled in the shooting circle and were outsmarting the defence with their movement. Copthorne won this quarter 3-2.

Going into the third quarter the U11s were still behind but they went flat out and gave it their all. Once again there were some fabulous turnovers on court from the centre court players (Gabi and Charlotte) and from the defenders (Kirsten, Robin and Amreet). Keira and Annabelle also both had a great third quarter and all Keira’s efforts in this quarter must be applauded, despite having a tough time with her defender! Copthorne won this quarter 3-1, levelling the score 10-10!

It was all to play for in this last quarter and it was a nail biting finish, with both teams fighting to the very end, with the possession being very evenly matched, and again it was pretty much goal for goal! When the whistle blew the final score was 14-14, a very fair result today for two extremely good teams! Well done to all of the U11s who fought to the bitter end and it just goes to show you must never give up, as you can turn things around! POM was Gabi which was very well deserved and my POM was also Gabi shared with Keira. We can take lots of positives away today girls, but there are still a few things that we can tweak and work on to improve our game.