Students with headteacher

U11A Netball v LND

17th January 2016

The U11s first match of the netball season was away at Notre Dame. After only having a couple of training sessions the U11 squad were keen to get on the court and start the match. LND won the toss and took the first centre pass. The opposition were quick to settle, passing the ball accurately and moving quickly around the court. They dominated the first quarter putting the Copthorne defence under constant pressure. At the end of the first quarter the opposition had scored 7 goals. In the second quarter LND continued to dominate the game, controlling the game around the centre court and they soon added another 3 goals to their score. Copthorne started to find some rhythm moving the ball down the court and into the shooters. The LND defence were very quick to respond intercepting the ball and were once again in an attacking position. Abigail, Jemima, Lila and Isabel worked tirelessly to keep LND out of their attacking D. Eventually their efforts were rewarded just before half time with a goal. At half time the score was 15-1.

At half time both teams made some position changes which changed the dynamics of the game. Lila and Grace marked well in defence not giving the LND shooters any opportunities. The centre court players Isabel, Abigail and Isabella worked well together moving the ball down the court and into the shooters. Jemima and Emma both had several shots but the LND defenders were very quick to get the rebounds.

In the last quarter LND made some positional changes and once again they took control of the game. They soon added 3 more goals to their score. Copthorne continued to work hard and Jemima scored a great goal from the edge of the D. The final whistle went and the score was a win for LND.

The girls shouldn’t get down hearted over this performance against a very good team. I can’t fault their efforts and they can learn a lot from the game and try and put some of the skills they came up against into practise themselves.

Special mention must go to Lila who I thought played very well in defence and was voted girl of the match. JC