U11A Rounders v St Christopher’s 

Won 16-6½ 

Well what a spectacular way to finish off the season today for the U11As! For many of the girls in this team it was sadly their very last match playing for Copthorne; however they definitely went out with a bang!

Khushi won the toss which meant Copthorne were up to field first. The girls were eager to win today and especially because it was their last match as a team, and this showed in their fielding where they were incredibly focused and allowed no full rounders to be scored in this innings at all, despite coming up against some good batters from St. Christopher’s!

Khushi and Amelia were on fire, working together as a great combination from backstop to first post, resulting in them getting 6 players out on first post! Neve and Ella D also worked well together with Ella C at second post fielding the ball in well, resulting in the U11s getting another 2 players out at second post! It has to be said that the fielding in this innings was spectacular and the U11s only allowed 2 rounders to be scored in total!

The U11s then went into bat and despite not batting as well as they usually do, which could have been down to the bowling today, there was some good rounders scored from Amelia and Rosie who placed the ball beautifully behind first post and there were some good halves from Khushi, Neve, Katie and Ella C! At the end of the first innings the U11s were up by 6 rounders!

The U11s then went into the second innings with their heads held high knowing that if they fielded well that they could win the match before they had even had their second innings of batting! They didn’t disappoint and came out even stronger with their fielding getting all 9 St. Christopher’s players out very quickly, with Amelia and Khushi again getting another 3 players out at first post, Ella C stumping a further 3 players out at second post and then there was also 3 great catches from Amelia, Rosie and Ella C during this innings!

Fantastic teamwork girls!

The U11s then went into bat already knowing they had won, but with the hope of at least doubling their score in mind! St. Christopher’s had swapped a few players around and had now got used to some of our batters and as a result they were much more aware when fielding. However this did not stop the mighty U11s and they did end up doubling their scores with rounders from Khushi, Ella D and Rosie and good halves form Khushi, Ella D, Amelia, Josie and Jemima! The final score at the end of the match was 16 to Copthorne and 6½ to St. Christopher’s!

The players off the match today picked by St. Christopher’s were Amelia for her batting and Ella C for her fielding and my players of the match today have to go to our brilliant backstop/first post combination of Khushi and Amelia! Well done girls!

Well done to all of the U11s today as you all worked together brilliantly as a team and were awesome! You have had a fantastic season and I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching you all! It is a shame that we are having to say goodbye to many U11s, as you have all been stars on the games field and will be missed at Copthorne. I wish you all the best of luck and go show those other schools how it is done! TC

Rosie 4, Amelia 2.5, Khushi 2, Ella D 1½, Jemima 1½, Katie 1½, Ilana 1, Josie1, Neve ½ and Ella C ½.

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