U11A Rounders v Great Walstead – Won 15-13

Well what an exciting match to be involved in today, both watching and umpiring! The girls were determined to go out there and show their ‘Copthorne best’ after last week’s narrow defeat and disappointment, and this they certainly did!

Neve captained the side today and did a grand job not only on the rounders pitch when playing, but also off the pitch, spurring on her fellow team mates and displaying great sportsmanship! Neve won the toss so we were up to field first today!

The girls knew that they had to field hard and remain focused for the entire innings and this they did, fielding the ball particularly well around second post (Rosie, Ella C, Ella D and Khushi) and allowing Great Walstead little chance to score anything! Katie and Amelia also added to this with their great bowling and backstop work! At the end of the first innings Great Walstead had scored 6½ rounders in total, but only 4½ from their actual play due to our good fielding!

We then went into bat and Great Walstead really stepped up their game and were super quick at getting the ball into 1st post! They were so quick in fact that some of the Copthorne girls were not ready! However, Copthorne fought hard and Neve scored an excellent rounder, with some good halves from Katie and Rosie (and Neve again) so when the innings ended Copthorne had scored 6 rounders, and were just ½ a rounder behind Great Walstead!

It was all to play for again in the second innings (like last week).  However Copthorne took their chances this week and used them well, and the girls had another successful fielding innings, infact more successful, with two great catches from Rosie and Ella C and four successful stumps from Josie and Ella C x3, resulting in them getting 6 of Walstead players out and allowing Great Walstead only another 6½, but again only 4½ from their actual play!

The girls then went into bat knowing they had to get at least 7 rounders to level the game and this was where the game really picked up its momentum! Neve was first into bat and made super contact with the ball scoring a cracking rounder, which was then closely followed by Amelia and there was also some great ½ rounders scored by Rosie, Josie and Neve. Great Walstead fielded against us well though, which only added to the excitement and despite Neve scoring another great rounder, we were soon only down to one remaining player ‘Josie the brave’. She had the choice of three good balls and on her second good ball she walloped the ball scoring a great rounder and making it home safely, so she was then up again! Josie again had another great hit on her second ball however it wasn’t quite enough to get her home a second time, but what a great effort!

The final score was 15 rounders to Copthorne  –  Great Walstead’s 13! A fantastic achievement girls, which was well deserved and had us all on edge right until the end!

Great Walstead’s player of the match today picked by them was Ella C and Josie and my player of the match today also has to be ‘Josie the brave’ shared with the captain, Neve!

Well done to all of the U11’s what a super afternoon of sport and let’s see if we can continue this now right until the end of the season :-)! TC

Neve 5, Josie 4, Rosie 2, Amelia 1, Katie 1, Ilana 1, Ella D ½, Khushi ½ and Ella C

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