U11A Rugby v Hazelwood A&B – Feb 2017

10th February 2017

With Hazelwood’s B team unable to find a fixture we thought it would be a good idea to first play their A’s and then their B’s in two 20 minute matches. Their A’s raced into a 3 try head start after some very quick attacking play that dragged our defence from one side of the pitch to the other, creating spaces for their strike runners to exploit. Unlike in last week’s capitulation our boys kept on going and restored a lot of pride by making their tackles, hitting rucks and taking the game to Hazelwood in attack. Antony, Luca and Sonny all crashed over the try line and in truth we could have scored a couple more to make the game closer, however with a few more Hazelwood tries added the final score was a respectable 7-3.

Against Hazelwood B’s we were much the stronger side and scored a couple of quick tries through Louis and Luca. Although our skill level was high our decision making was not great and we wasted numerous opportunities to score by attacking the wrong way and heading back into trouble. Hazelwood did manage to hit us on the break to record a score but a final score from Alex settled the game at 3-1.

I was so pleased with the boys this afternoon and at the same time frustrated about last week against Great Walstead. We were so much better and also started to see promise from those boys who do not usually step up to the plate. The Hazelwood coach was very complimentary about the way we played and said that as soon as our boys gained a little confidence we were more than a match for their A’s and at times he felt as though we might have pushed on to win the game!

Well done to the 9 boys involved; you made me a happy man on Wednesday and thank you to Mr Morley for your continued support on the touchline.