The girls got off to a good start by winning 8 goals to 2 against the hosts Brighton & Hove. Katie, as centre, moved the ball fast and with purpose and combined well with Georgia and Maisie in the wings. These three utilized the space and were quick to pounce on any loose ball. Rebecca was quick on her feet and kept the GS and GK on the move. She made good runs and came forwards to receive the ball before laying it off to Victoria to score. After a few missed opportunities Victoria got her eye in and soon scored from every circle entry. Down in the defending circle Kilti, Millie and Abbey kept the marking tight and were quickly in the right place to make the interceptions.

In the second game the girls got a taste of their own medicine against Broadwater Manor who could do no wrong. Copthorne where totally out played in every area. The girls did manage to create a few opportunities from quick side line throws and moving the ball up the wings but could not capitalize on all their chances. At the end of the day the girl’s enjoyed their matches and  supported one another all the way to the end. Well done! HP

Team: Kilti, Millie, Maisie, Katie, Georgia, Rebecca, Victoria and Abbey.