For my first debut of umpiring I knew it was going to be a  challenging match.  This was the first time these 7 girls had played together as a team.  I was very impressed from the first blow of the whistle to see how the Copthorne girls got straight into this game by some good defending work by Meghana M. Brambletye soon realised that we could be as strong as them on court. The best quarter was in the third, no goals was scored, however, we did have 60% of  possession, which was all down to Melissa D-E dominating  in the centre position and with some good intercepting skills! The score line does not reflect how we played. Player of the match: Sofia V (goals 1)  fantastic netball being played, and with such aggression. From this match we can only come away and train harder with our mistakes – not many!  MC