U11B Rounders Lost to Notre Dame

Today Copthorne were hosts to Notre Dame. It was not ideal weather for rounders but the girls went out full of enthusiasm as always. Copthorne opened the batting and improved on their running between the posts from last week’s match. They watched the ball constantly and made good decisions. The girls still weren’t finding the gaps, and with tight accurate bowling from the visitors Copthorne could only manage 3 ½ rounders. Copthorne’s fielding was once again their undoing. The girls got too excited resulting in miss fielding and overthrows. Due to this and some fine batting from Notre Dame the opposition stormed into the lead. The second innings was much like the first, making contact with the bat but not allowed to go further than 1st post and only adding a few more rounders to their tally. Copthorne’s bowling was a lot better second time round but the errors in the field helped Notre Dame to comfortably reach and pass the home sides score.

 Team: Alayna; Lily; Lottie; Clara; Georgina; Eloise; Ria; Alice and Zoe

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