Students with headteacher

U11C Hockey v Lingfield College

27th November 2017

It is not often that the Cs get a match and I was very pleased that I was able to umpire and coach this lovely group of girls. The team led by their captain Emi were both enthusiastic and eager.

Emi, played both in defense and in attack keeping the momentum going. She has clearly made great progress since she joined us and it was great to see how more confident she has become. Her defending was strong and she also showed that she can play as a forward. Not surprisingly she was voted player of the match.

Ella did some great defending especially in the second half. She can really clear the ball and was able to keep moving with the game throughout the whole match. She is not afraid to tackle and has also become more confident in her game. Our goalie Tayla shows great promise as the score does not reflect the many shots on goal she did save. The three goals that went in were very good and virtually

un-salvable. Tayla played up this match and it was lovely to see how committed she was to the game and how keen she was to do her best. This was one of the first occasions I have seen Miranda play in a match and she surprised me with her skills and stamina. She never gave up and made some great passes. Her stick skills have really come on and there were several occasions when she won the ball off the opposition and used it to the team’s advantage.

Our reserves Mia and Kimberley both played well. They made some good tackles and on several occasions made some good passes to our forwards. Mia also played as a forward and it was good to see how much more assertive she has become.

Our final player Lilya also played well and she too has really come on since year 5. She made some good passes and wasn’t afraid to tackle. She has become more confident running with the ball and it was lovely to see how much her stick skills have improved.

So well done girls you all worked hard and never gave up. Just try to think about positioning and spacing next match and keep working on your shooting skills in the goal area.

Lost 0-3