Students with headteacher

U12/U13 Rugby v Ashdown House – March 2017

1st March 2017

This week we fielded a combined squad of Year 7 and Year 8 to play a similar group from Ashdown House due to the Year 8 match being cancelled.  We had practised our defensive alignment along with our support play earlier in the week so all was set for a complete performance and that was very nearly what we witnessed.  Both sides tackled hard and there were many heavy collisions as soon as the whistle started the match.  Early on Alex secured the ball at a maul and peeled off to open the scoring from close range.  This was soon followed by Kye taking the ball at pace and running through several tackles to score in the corner.  Austin then took the ball up hard and fast through the middle and after the ball was recycled as a result of good support play from Jacob and Sam D, he was able to go over for our third try.  It was not all one-way traffic, however, as Ashdown House had three strong, elusive runners and they were threatening to break through at any moment.  Our defensive alignment helped keep them out but only as a result of last ditch, finger-tip tackles on several occasions.  As the match progressed we were starting to spread the ball well and, as a result, Kye scored another try after good handling along the back line.  Charlie showed good strength and footwork up the left hand side and then passed to Austin who went over the line for our fifth try on the stroke of half time. 

In the second half, Sam S continued to show real determination in the tackle and ran hard and fast.  Ben C was similarly committed and often brought down their dangerous runners before they could get going.  However, it was Kye who scored our sixth try as we ran out of defence in a sweeping move involving the whole team covering the full length of the pitch.  At this point our defence went to sleep a little and the opposition ran in three tries in quick succession, with their elusive runners finally getting past those last ditch tackles.  Thereafter we regained control of the match and both Nicholas and Freddie made good ground with several players hanging off them attempting to bring them to the floor.  Jonathan then took the ball up the middle and Jacob span the ball wide where Sam side-stepped several players before he was stopped.  The ball was recycled by Alex and Karan then stepped back inside and ran through three players to score under the posts.  Nicholas, Austin and Kye also crossed the line before the end and the final score was 10-4.  A very impressive performance, well done all. 

Man of the Match:  Kye.