U13 Rounders v Great Walstead – Won 15½-8

It was clear from the first innings that this was going to be a very one-sided game!  We won the toss and put Great Walstead into bat first.  As both teams had brought a reserve we played a 10 a-side match.  Once again our fielding was awesome!  The link between Sasha (backstop) and Elise (1st post) was brilliant.  Between them they stumped out 6 girls and together with great catches from Allana, Sasha and Siân, we managed to get them all out after 17 deliveries!  Great Walstead scored 2 rounders!  It was our turn to bat and we started off very slowly, with Avni scoring our first whole rounder.  We finished the innings on 7½.

It was time to rearrange the fielders, and give Great Walstead a fighting chance!  Allana went into bowl, and Tasha to backstop.  The opposition had a really good innings and hit some good rounders, finishing their 2nd batting innings on 6!  Our turn to bat and time to finish them off!  Great rounders from Siân, Elise, Tasha and Fed and lots of ½ rounders ending the innings on 8 rounders.  Well done girls, another great performance.  Top scorer: Tasha 3½, Elise & Allana 2½, Siân & Fed 2.   MJ

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