Students with headteacher

U8 4×4 Netball v Cumnor House

6th February 2017

After 2 weeks with matches being cancelled due to bad weather the U8s were very excited to be playing today. It had been raining all morning so the matches were played in the sports hall at Cumnor House. The girls were divided into 5 teams of 4 and matches were played across the sports hall in each third of the netball court. Players were allowed to go anywhere within their court area but only one player from each team was allowed in the shooting circle at one time. Normal Netball rules applied. Although the Copthorne girls have been playing 7 aside Netball matches they soon adapted to the smaller teams and court size. I was pleased to see the girls put into practice what they had been working on in lessons; moving forward to receive the ball and then move into a space. Everyone got involved and they enjoyed being able to move anywhere on court and being able to shoot. Copthorne definitely looked the stronger netball players, passing the ball with accuracy, marking their opponents well and sprinting into space.  It was a great afternoon with all the girls active, enjoying themselves, making new friends as well as giving them the opportunity to polish their skills. I would like to thank all the parents who came to support the girls.