Students with headteacher

U8 ‘B’ Netball v St. Christopher’s

14th October 2016

This week I was lucky enough to be involved in the U8B’s first ever netball match and there was great excitement all round from both the players and spectators! The girls were keen to get going and despite playing a mixed U8/9 team of which we only found out after the match, the U8Bs fought hard during the match, displaying great enthusiasm and perseverance throughout!

Jennifer was our Captain; she had a great game as centre flying all over the court gaining valuable interceptions. She was picked as POM by St Christopher’s and was also my POM shared with Pippa, who also had a great game in defence, practising what I had been teaching her in my after school netball club! The rest of the team also played well displaying good passing of which they have been practising with Mrs Cook and were starting to think about moving into space, although at times they all were still gravitating towards the ball! The defenders Ivy-May, Samantha, Emily and Pippa all put their defending into practice today and there were some good interceptions from Emily and Pippa in the shooting circle. Eloise, Jennifer, Jemima and Sophie also started to apply what they have been practising in games lessons in attack and at times worked really well together to move into space linking the ball down court and into the shooting circle. Unfortunately, no goals were scored today from Copthorne although they were close at times, and due to St. Christopher’s slightly more experienced team they won the match by 4 goals in the end.

Well done to all of the U8B’s today as for your first ever match and playing some girls almost a year above I think you all did remarkably well, and you did yourselves and the school proud! I look forward to seeing you all develop, as the season progresses.