U8 Netball v Cumnor – Won 10-2

A huge thank you to Mrs Nixey who managed the U8 team this week.   MJ

Well done to all of the Under 8s who played a confident game.  Their passing was accurate and well-paced.  They effortlessly created space and moved the ball around the court with skill resulting in a stream of goals from Yelena Finnegan and  Alice Renshaw.  Amalia Finnegan in the centre was a key player chasing the ball, defending and attacking.  Hermione Ashbee was also on top of the game, moving around the court at speed persistently re-gaining possession of the ball from an unsuspecting  Cumnor House!  In the last quarter the girls played out of position but continued to play impressively.  Yelena found tremendous bounce to defend and Amber Buggins shot beautifully taking the final score up to 10:2.    Well done all of you! 

Thank you to all of the girls who played and the supporters who came to watch.  SN

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