Students with headteacher

U8 Rounders – Red v Black 

13th May 2016

Drew 10-10 

A lovely afternoon for our Year 3 rounders game. The girls were in high spirits and it was lovely to see so many parents watching.

Even though they were playing against each other the girls were still quite nervous when they were in the batting box. The black team were batting first and Biba soon got her range and started to bowl well. Lowenna was the only player to score a rounder after the first 10 balls with a lovely hit into space.

The black team relaxed a lot more when it came to their second bat. Rounders were scored by Layla and Daisy and ½’s from Gabriella, Danni and Ffion.

Scarlett fielded well and Clara retrieved the ball quickly in the backstop position. Harley was great on 2nd post reacting well and moving off her post whenever the ball came near her. After the first innings the black team had scored 4½ rounders.

The red team went into bat and Ella bowled well with Layla again doing a great job at backstop . There were good rounders from Harley, Scarlett, Isobel and Lulu with Victoria, Biba and Lulu also scoring ½ rounders. Danni reacted well in the field and Gabriella was alert on her post to stump players out.

All in all it was a fabulous game and the teams were evenly matched. There were some great moments:

Mona getting stumped on second post and laughing out loud. Brilliant!

Harley trying so hard to stump out a player slipped and landed on top of the post!

Lulu running so fast around the posts I had to stop her on second as the bowler had the ball!

Tayla nearly holding onto a catch on 1st post.

Daisy over throwing the ball into the watching parents!

Well done to you all and a huge thank you to Mrs Cook for umpiring to Karen for providing a match tea for the girls, and the parents who came to support.

Black Team: Ella (1), Layla (1½), Daisy (2),

Gabriella (1½), Lowenna (1½), Danni (½), Ffion (1½), Amelie, Mona (½), Tayla

Red Team: Biba (2), Clara (½), Harley (2), Scarlett (1½),

Isobel (1), Victoria (½), Amelia, Lulu (2), Emilia (½). MJ