U8 Rounders v Ardingly 

29th April 2016

Won 12 ½ – 5 

On a chilly afternoon the U8s travelled to Ardingly for their second match of the season.

Copthorne opened the first innings batting and were soon scoring. Layla was first to score half a rounder after hitting the ball and getting to second post and this was followed by Biba hitting the ball beyond second post and scoring a rounder. Victoria and Isobel also added half rounders to Copthorne’s score on their first bat. Further half rounders from Copthorne were scored by Lowenna, Daisy, Biba, Ella, Victoria, Isobel and Amelia, bringing Copthorne’s total to 5½. In the first innings the girl’s fielded brilliantly making very few mistakes. Biba’s bowling was excellent and Ella’s throwing at backstop was accurate. Harley and Daisy worked well around second post and managed to stump several players out. At the end of their innings Ardingly had managed to score 1 ½ rounders.

It was Copthorne’s turn to bat again and the girls were given the option to use a flat bat rather like a mini cricket bat. This made it easier for some to hit the ball and Lowenna, Harley, Biba and Ella all scored full rounders. The rest of the team scored ½ rounders, bringing our score for the second innings to 7 making a total of 12 ½ rounders. In their second innings Ardingly had several good hitters but once again Copthorne fielded well, making only a few mistakes towards the end of the innings. Ella bowled consistently well and Harley fielded strongly at backstop getting the ball back quickly to Ella stopping the Ardingly batters from reaching second post. Ardingly managed to score 3 ½ rounders, bringing their total for the match to 5.

Well done to all the girls who played! Top scorer goes to Biba and fielder to Ella for her excellent work at backstop and bowler. JC