Students with headteacher

U8 Rounders v Hurst 

22nd April 2016

Won 13-2½ 

Ten very excited year 3 girls travelled to Hurst for their first ever rounders match. The match was to be played on the Hurst Astro pitch so the warm up was used to familiarise the girls with the rounders pitch markings and the surface. Biba was captain for today’s match and won the toss and Copthorne decided to field first. Biba bowled consistently well finding good length aiming for back stop Ella’s hands. The Hurst team had several good hitters who managed to get to second post to score half a rounder. After 20 good balls Hurst had managed to score 2. rounders. It was now Copthorne’s turn to bat and Ella was first to score half a rounder. Scarlett and Lowenna also scored on their first bat. The Hurst team fielded well and managed to get a couple of the Copthorne team out. Ffion hit the ball past first base and sprinted round to score a rounder. After the first innings Copthorne were narrowly in the lead by 4 rounders to 2.. After a drink of water and a team talk everyone was ready to start the second innings. Copthorne fielded very strongly with Biba continuing to bowl well. Daisy fielded extremely well at second deep getting the ball to Harley at second post who managed to get several Hurst players out. At the end of their innings Copthorne had fielded so well that Hurst did not add any rounders to their score. It was Copthorne’s turn to bat again. Spirits were high and the girls were determined to get a total of 10 rounders! The whole team batted exceptionally well with Biba, Harley, Clara, Layla and Lowenna scoring rounders.

At the end of the innings Copthorne had scored 9 round-ers bringing their total to 13. I was very pleased with the team’s performance today especially in the second innings which is very encouraging for the rest of the season.

Batter of the match goes to Lowenna and best fielders to Daisy and Biba.