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U8 Rounders v St Christopher’s Won 17-8

26th June 2016

After wet weather and cancelled matches the U8’s were very eager to play today. Harley was captain and St Christopher’s won the toss and chose to field first. As it was the last match of the season Copthorne had a squad of 12 players and we agreed to play 24 good balls to potentially give each player two bats each. Biba got Copthorne off to a very good start by hitting the ball and sprinting to 2nd post to score half a rounder. This was followed shortly by Clara who also scored half rounder at 2nd. Harley then hit the ball way out into the field and encouraged by the rest of her team and Miss Carter scored a rounder. Danni and Gabriella also managed to score rounders on their first bat and Lowenna also added half a rounder. Second bats and the girls knew that it was worth taking a risk; Biba, Clara and Scarlett all hit the ball out into the field and sprinted round to score rounders. Ffion, Layla, Lowenna and Gabriella all added to Copthorne’s score by scoring half rounders. At the end of their first innings Copthorne had scored 9½ rounders and with no players out!

It was now St. Christopher’s turn to bat and straight away Copthorne were focused and managed to get the first 2 batters from St Christopher’s out. Biba bowled consistently well to Ella at backstop who was quick to retrieve the ball throwing back to Biba or Layla on 4th post. Deep fielders Daisy and Scarlett were very swift to field the ball, throwing to Harley on 2nd post and Ffion on 3rd to stump players out. At the end of their innings
St Christopher’s had managed to score 3 rounders.
The girls were very confident going into their second innings. Whoever said that rounders was a game of two halves couldn’t have been more right! After the first 2 balls we had 2 players out!!! This then seemed to have a snow ball effect on the team and players were just not thinking or looking at where the ball and other players were and this led to several getting themselves out! After 12 balls we had only managed to score 2½ rounders and had 5 players out. With 10 balls left we were now down to 5 players! Clara, Layla, Ffion, Gabriella and Victoria played fantastically well and managed to save the day by scoring 5 rounders. St Christopher’s batted a lot stronger in their 2nd innings and managed to hit several balls out into the field. Deep fielders Daisy, Gabriella and Scarlett were all determined to stop any ball that came towards them and managed to field it back quickly to the Copthorne players on the posts. With 10 balls left St Christopher’s started to take a risk putting pressure on Copthorne which led to players panicking and making silly mistakes. St Christopher’s after 24 good balls had managed to score 5 rounders. The match ended in a win for Copthorne 17-8.

I would like to congratulate the team on being unbeaten all season.  I am amazed not only at the progression they have made since their first match but also how quickly they have been able to grasp the complexity of the game. A special thank you to Miss Carter for the encouragement and positivity you gave to the girls today especially in their second innings. I would also like to thank the  parents for their support and encouragement that they have given the girls each week and I hope you now have a better understanding of the rules! Today’s top batter was Clara who scored 3½ rounders and fielder of the match goes jointly

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