U8 Tag Rugby Tournament at Pennthorpe

Travelling to Pennthorpe the boys had no idea what they were in store for and how great their day was going to be! Both players and supporters I am sure, had a great day and would have been impressed with all the rugby on show today!

First game was against Broadwater Manor, the boys started fantastically with a flurry of tries to open up the tournament. We ended up gracefully thrashing them 11-3 with tries from D. Westwood, T. Penlington, W. Goodwin, D. Persad, C. Nimmo, P. Kinnear,  Z. Riley and N. Lopalco – some of the boys getting 2 tries each!

Moving along, we then played Longacre and in an intense match the boys couldn’t quite hold on and ended up losing 7-8, they took it well and then knew they really had to improve and win the next match to have any chance in making the final. Tries came from G. Jones, W. Goodwin, D. Persad and Z. Riley. The boys were unlucky in losing that game and played great even though it wasn’t the result we wanted.

After putting the loss behind us and recharging the boys on lollies and crisps we were ready to take on Loxwood, a must win if we are to make the final. With the nerves settling in for the players and the nervous parents on the side line the boys pulled together and managed to just hold off and beat Loxwood in a close thrilling match that resulted in a win to Copthorne 7-6.

Tries came from D. Persad, T. Penlington, N. Lopalco and W. Goodwin.

We were then told the great news that we were to play Pennthorpe in the final!

With a quick break we were ready for battle, you could cut the tension with a knife, nerves were high but the boys managed to stay calmer than the parents and even the coach. The boys had the downhill advantage to start and tried hard to make sure they used that advantage. After an intense first half, the boys came off with the score at 4-2 to the Copthorne lads. The boys had to play up hill in the second half – they really struggled and ended up paying for it in the final result, which left Copthorne at a loss 6-7 to Pennthorpe! Tries came from G. Jones, W. Goodwin, T. Penlington, D. Westwood and N. Lopalco.

It was such an intense game and all the boys played superbly and really gave it their all – I am very proud of them and think they have done tremendously well!

Thanks to all the supporters that came as well, I am sure they all enjoyed the fine rugby talent that was on show!  Good stuff!  QM

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