Students with headteacher

U8 v Cumnor

17th November 2017

This week saw the end of the boys football season, they travelled away (AGAIN) to Cumnor house. Where we played on week 2. We were aware that the structure of the afternoon would be different to a normal fixture. We arrived on mass, taking 16 pupils with us. We were greeted by their friendly staff who reminded us where to go. We were split into three main activities. There were mini 4 vs 4 round robin matches, a 4x4x4 three team, three goal frenzy. The final station was ran by the Cumnor staff which was a speed and agility activity. We split into our groups and began our activities. The station Mr Glaysher was leading was the three team chaos match. For every goal and every assist the players earnt a luminous headband and wristband. We had many successful players some ending up with 6 or 7 headbands, Taran hardly being able to see as he had so many towards the end.  Lots of the lads earned plenty of the headbands and wristbands with some brilliant play.

From the first time we played the Cumnor boys are the start of the year, the progress of our boys compared to those at Cumnor has been obvious. The lads have really impressed this season and have progressed week upon week, losing only two games all season, one of which was a tournament match, and the other a ‘rugby’ match against St Christophers. If they continue to progress that have the potential to be a strong school team for years to come. A great start to your school footballing careers.