U8/9 Rounders v Caterham – Won 16-10½

Abigail was Captain today and she won the toss and elected to field first.  The girls were a little nervous to start with and made a few mistakes, especially over throwing the ball!  This is where Caterham got most of their score, not from scoring rounders but mostly from Copthorne mistakes.  Abigail bowled brilliantly, giving very few ½ rounders away, and Shanaya got a good stump out on 2nd post.  The Caterham girls managed to score 6 rounders, with only 1 full rounder being scored.

It was our turn to bat and the girls batted and ran sensibly.  Our first rounder came off the second ball, when Sheen made lovely contact and ran all the way around to put the Copthorne girls on the score sheet.  Shanaya & Shriya also scored good rounders and there were lots of ½’s scored by all the other girls.  We ended our innings on 9½.

After a team talk, in which I suggested we didn’t over throw the ball and didn’t panic; with a couple of positon changes we were ready for the second innings.  Shanaya was awesome on 2nd post, stumping out 3 girls in a row!  Haya has to take credit for one, as she fielded the ball really well, with a nice accurate pass to Shanaya who had plenty of time to stump the player out.   Shriya was on fire as she threw the ball to Shanaya on several occasions too.  Sheen was much better in the backstop position, rolling the ball quickly and accurately to Abigail to hold up. Our fielding was excellent in this innings with Caterham only scoring 4½.

The girls were asking what the score was, but I didn’t tell them that they only had to make 1 rounder to even the score!  I just told them to go out and enjoy their batting and let’s see how many rounders we can make!  ALL the girls played brilliantly and we saw rounders from Shanaya, Sheen, Orianne and Haya, with Isha the only one being stumped out!

Well done girls, the best I have seen you play.  An excellent win!

Player of the Match: Shriya, for her excellent fielding & batting! MJ

Abigail (1), Sheen (3), Orianne (1), Haya (2), Jemima (1), Shriya (2½), Isha (1½), Diya (1½), Shanaya (2½)

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