Won 9-0 An extra fixture for the girls this week as we travelled to Caterham in our games lesson on Tuesday.

In freezing conditions the girls battled hard against the opposition and their very cold hands! In the first quarter the girls took a little while to get going, we were slow to the ball and around the court too. Sienna had her work cut out for her today as she was up against a similar height GD who intercepted the ball well, but she was more than a match for her partner!

Cassia didn’t have much to do for the whole match as we turned the ball over time and again before it got into the attacking third. However, she was alert to any loose ball that came her way. Melia had a good game at WD, contesting well for the ball and passing the ball quickly to our attacking players.

Ann had a consistent game at centre, finding her space well and being patient with her passes into our shooters by using Camillia at WA to work the ball around the D. Martha’s movement in the D was good and she scored some great goals, once again working well with Sienna. Sienna was voted player of the match, which was well deserved, for her excellent shooting and all-round play, but special mention for me goes to Maryam who listened well to instructions, and rather than just calling out for the ball all the time, she ran towards the ball, checked and then pulled out to find fantastic space, before asking for the pass; she played an excellent half of netball!
So well done to Sienna and Maryam and the rest of the team for another good win! One more game left to remain undefeated for the first term of netball.

Thank you to our supporters for braving the cold today!