Won 7-0

The girls were really excited to play Netball again after the Christmas break.

Today’s captain was Melia who got Copthorne off to a great start by winning the first centre pass. Despite the cold weather the girls started the first quarter really strongly. The girls were quicker than the opposition and Camillia and Anna linked well together moving the ball nicely down the court to shooters Sienna and Clara. Our defending was tight and the girls made good use of the court, running into space to create attacking opportunities. When the whistle went for the end of the first quarter Copthorne had scored 4 goals. During the second quarter we only scored 1 goal as we lost our shape and the game became a little muddled and crowded with lots of interceptions being made by both teams. The second half seemed a bit tougher as the

Hazelwood girls became tighter at defending, however our defence Cassia and Maryam both made lots of interceptions stopping the opposition from having possession in their shooting third. Although Copthorne had the majority of the play during the second half we were only able to score 2 more goals. The team had difficulty in moving the ball down the court as players were not driving forwards for the ball. The final score was a win for Copthorne 7-0. Congratulations to Sienna who was voted player of the match and to the rest of the team for yet another win!