U8A Netball v Hurst

28th September 2017

Another amazing score from the U8A’s winning 9-1 against Hurst. Due to the limited time we played three, six minutes, making it essential that the girls got into the game straight away, they definitely stood up to this challenge and pulled away 3-0 in the first third. The second third was equally as strong winning 7-0. I was very impressed that the reflection of our defensive training session showed through, as all of the players were quick to defend when the opposition had the ball, both putting their arms up over the ball and sticking close to their players. This defensive play kept the ball well away from the oppositions end, and allowed for plenty of attempts to get the ball into our shooting circle and score. For the final third we mixed around the players giving them a chance at different positions, I was very impressed with their versatility and enthusiasm to mix it up.  Congratulations to all players, and a further well done to Sienna for player of the match!