Students with headteacher

U8A Rounders v Brambletye 

8th May 2016

Won 26-6 

What a lovely sunny afternoon for a game of rounders! Today’s match was to be a game of tee ball where the ball is not bowled but is hit instead from a tee at waist height from the batting square. In the warm up the girls all had a go at hitting the ball from the tee as they had only done this once before.

Ella was captain today and won the toss and put Brambletye into bat first. Copthorne fielded extremely well and were quick to get the ball back to Layla in the bowling square preventing the opposition from running on. Biba and Daisy fielded well using a long barrier to stop the ball and throwing with accuracy to Harley on second post who stumped several players out. As the match progressed the girls started to anticipate the direction in which the ball was hit by the Brambletye team and managed to get them all out. At the end of the innings Brambletye had scored 3 rounders. Layla opened the batting for Copthorne and scored a . rounder which was followed by a rounder scored by Ella. Ffion, Biba and Daisy also all managed to score . rounders on their first bat. As the innings progressed the girls were hitting the ball between the posts and past the Brambletye deep fielders. Layla, Ella, Harley, Ffion, Biba and Daisy all scored rounders and after 30 balls Copthorne had a total of 15 rounders. In the second innings Copthorne once again fielded very well, making very few mistakes. Scarlett was quick to field the ball at first post and managed to stump 2 players out. Layla made 2 fantastic catches and Ffion got three players out at fourth base. Copthorne managed to get all the Brambletye team out, with the opposition scoring only 3 rounders. Copthorne once again batted strongly in their second innings and Layla, Ella and Biba all scored rounders with Daisy and Ffion adding to Copthorne’s total with . rounders. After 30 balls Copthorne had scored 11 rounders. I was really pleased with the team’s performance today as they fielded magnificently. A real team effort well done! Top Batter goes to Ella for scoring 7. rounders and fielder to Layla for catching 2 players out.