U8A Rounders v St Christopher’s – Drew 14-14

Today was the last game for the U8s and as always it was very eventful!

We started off batting and not one person in the team managed to get the whole way around to score a rounder. The St Christopher’s player on 2nd post was very good and made it very difficult for the Copthorne girls to score.

Most of our ½ rounders came from the bowler delivering 3 no balls. Amreet and Keira made excellent contact with the ball but were unfortunately caught out. We ended the innings with 5½ rounders.

When we went into field this is where it started to get a bit stressful! As the girls wanted to get the St Christopher’s batters out so badly, they started to panic at times and just threw the ball away, which gave St Christopher’s ½ rounders which we didn’t need to give them! Although Zara rolled the ball like a bullet to Ellie on 1st post who reacted and stumped one girl out.

Ellie and Amelie also got other girls out by stumping their posts. Annabelle bowled very well and also caught a girl out. Kirsten, Sophie, Isabelle and Durgaa all were focused in the field even though that ball only came to them a few times. St Christopher’s managed to score 7½ rounders.

In the second innings we were actually hitting the ball so we could get to 2nd post to score ½ without the risk of getting stumped out. At least everyone score ½ in the second innings. Marwa was hitting the ball nicely, but she was also watching the ball to see where it was. Amreet and Amelie both got the whole way around to score a rounder each. Keira did some lovely hits but they were directed to where there was a fielder.

I have loved coaching the U8s this year, there has never been a dull moment in a games lesson or in a match! Thank you very much to the parents that turn up every week and cheer on the girls! LJ


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