Students with headteacher

U8B Football v Pennthorpe 

6th November 2015

Drew 2-2 

Scorers: Josh and Dylan

The rain started pouring down as we set off in the mini-bus for Pennthorpe and it never really relented for the rest of the afternoon, so all the boys got very wet, but nobody seemed to mind. The Bs played first and at first the game was only slightly organised chaos as nearly all the boys on the field crowded around the ball with very few boys keeping to their position for either side. It was from this kind of situation that Pennthorpe scored their first goal, hacking home from close range through a crowd of bodies after a bit of pinball in our box.

We equalised just before half time when Dylan who had been working hard throughout the game managed to rob the Pennthorpe keeper of the ball and slide it into the goal. In the second half we started keeping a little more to our positions, with Felix and Daniel defending quite well, and Oliver doing a good job after shifting into goal. Daniel made a few good runs down the right wing, and Marcos and Arun started staying a little wider in mid-field which gave us more space in possession. Pennthorpe still managed to score after a good long ball out of their defence, but Josh who moved into the position of striker was doing a good job of staying in the opposition half and so he was in the perfect position to score the equaliser for us, making the game an entertaining 2-2 draw.

Well done boys!